service and Support

Customer care is at the heart of SIRM’s success. Having been at the forefront of marine technology for over 100 years, SIRM has built relationships with some of the world’s top manufacturers and has worked with cutting-edge technology. Yet, it’s our high-quality service that we owe our longevity to.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and invest in the future so we can ensure our customers are receiving the very best products. As a SIRM customer, you will be fully supported from enquiry, to supply, through to installation and maintenance. 

Through our extensive partner network, we are able to offer a wide range of navigation, communication, safety and security solutions from leading brands. However, as an independent service provider SIRM is able to advise you on the best products for your specific needs. 

Service Network

SIRM offers its customers a single point of contact for all assistance, support and maintenance services. The SIRM service network comprises field engineers distributed between 14 UK offices. 

Our engineers ensure coverage of marine networks in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, through our worldwide partnership agreements, SIRM provides support and assistance across all major international shipping routes.

All SIRM engineers receive quality training and certifications directly, with the support of equipment manufacturers. With a first-time-fix approach and rapid response, SIRM’s expert team of technicians ensure a robust and reliable service support network.


SIRM is able to provide and integrate a range of internal and external communication solutions. Whether you are a small fishing boat of a luxury cruise ship, SIRM will find the right product and approach for your marine communication requirements. From handheld devices through to robust satellite communication systems and long-range 4G. 

SIRM design and install navigation solutions for the world’s leading shipping companies. Working with a number of suppliers, our team are experts helping you find the right products to meet your requirements. Providing solutions from sophisticated sonars to powerful radars, and fully supporting all equipment 24 hours a day, wherever you are in the world.

Safety and Welfare
For any vessel out at sea, safety is going to be of paramount importance. SIRM’s technical solutions can help to improve the wellbeing of your crew. Capabilities include GMDSS, data recording, LRIT, environmental monitoring, internet access, remote training, entertainment systems and more. 

SIRM provides a number of security products and services supporting both personal and information security on board. These include secure communications, networks and marine safe CCTV. Our security solutions are built to operate continuously, even in harsh environments.


Oceancare is our flagship multi-service marine technology maintenance package. Not only do our Oceancare packages keep your vessel safe and at optimal efficiency, they also help to reduce operational costs. Our robust maintenance services help you avoid unexpected costs and provide regular reports which enable you to better monitor expenses and manage budgets.

Spare Parts
Through our network of service depots, we hold a wide range of commonly requested spare parts and consumables. ranging from portable radios, batteries, EPIRBs, SARTSs, GPSs and SSASs, to complete VSAT systems.

Integrated Services
Integrated services can be challenging to manage. SIRM specialise in designing and installing integrated solutions and therefore, we are experts at maintaining them.

Global Support
With 14 regional support offices located across the coast of the UK, combined with an international network of over 100 audited service partners around the world, enabling us to provide truly global support.

Annual services and surveys
To ensure your equipment is performing effectively, SIRM engineers perform annual surveys including Radio Surveys, VDR APT, gyro servicing, plus ECDIS and Radar maintenance health checks. 

Our Oceancare packages can also include:

  •   Full technical maintenance and support services
  •   Global Coverage
  •   A single point of contact for all enquiries
  •   Shore Based Maintenance certification
  •   Classification and Radio Surveys
  •   Competitive labour rates 
  •   Spare parts and new equipment available from stock at discounted prices
  •   Repairs and service exchanges
  •   Complete service management, including arranging, follow up and invoice verification
  •   24/7, 365 days of the year support 
  •   Consultancy services
  •   Analysis of costs and upgrade advice
  •   Regular and comprehensive reports 
  •   VDR APT Surveys