SIRM is proud to provide security solutions for the maritime sector, to meet your budget and requirements.

Our marine CCTV solutions typically comprise recording systems, external and internal cameras. We work with our customers to create the best bespoke solutions for their needs, and installation is swift and simple, ensuring your vessel is secured from the get-go.

Furthermore, we are able to integrate these with other onboard systems, providing a fully-integrated security solution aboard your boat or ship.

Our security solutions are built to operate continuously, even in harsh environments, giving you peace of mind, wherever you are located.

We also offer a full range of ATEX and thermal imaging cameras for demanding applications.

benefits of our marine cctv solutions

Minimal disruption of ship whilst fitting

Solutions to meet your budget

Quality recordings

Flexible roll out

Flexible roll out

A range of backhauling solutions are available on request

fire detection cameras

In some situations, regular fire alarm sensors do not detect heat/smoke or detect it too late. We can offer a range of fire detection cameras, based on thermal imaging technology.

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