Bottom Mapping

SIRM supply a range of bottom mapping solutions to suit all vessels, needs and budgets.

With partners including C-Map, Navionics, Simrad, Lowrance, RayMarine, Olex, Sodena and Sepix, our knowledge and expertise will help to guide you through the various options and build a solution that meets your unique requirements.

With flexible finance options, we are able to provide and install bottom mapping technologies throughout the UK and Ireland.

Navionics Platinum & C-Map Reveal

We can offer a range of chartplotters and compatible charts providing bottom profiling to get you started on the route to understanding the seabed beneath you. 

Structure Scan 3D from Simrad and Lowrance

Combining Sidescan and Downscan technology the unique Structure Scan HD imaging from Navico is able to create a panoramic view under your boat. Add 3D imaging to provide a three-dimensional view beneath the water.

Olex 3D Seabed Mapping

The world-renowned Olex 3D Seabed Mapping system provides 2D and 3D mapping. By using information from the ship’s GPS and Echosounder technologies, the Olex creates a real-time image of the Seabed.

The seafloor map can be displayed in 2D with contour lines or relief, and in 3D with a virtual camera. Bottom zoom can also be used to highlight selected depth areas.

When connected to a compatible Echo Sounder, and with the addition of the Ground Discrimination module, the system analyses the bottom Echo. Thus providing hardness information in an easily read adjustable coloured format, ranging from deep pink for the soft bottom to bright yellow for hard stony ground.


The Sodena range of navigational chartplotters are all fully upgradeable to utilise hi-resolution 3D charts, tidal information, AIS & ARPA and a whole host of options dependent on your requirements, including:

  • Solowin – designed for one-man vessels with features tailored to suit the challenging conditions on smaller vessels
  • Easywin – designed to be easy to use and offering simplistic presentation of vital information 
  • Turbowin – designed for Fishermen who demand more than just a plotter, Sodena have powerful navigation tools combined with fishing management features to make fishing more productive, easier and safer


SeapiX is an innovative Sonar System using multibeam technology to provide shoal evaluation, fish assessment and species discrimination. This allows skippers to target particular species and avoid protected and non-quota species. 

SeapiX generates one or more scan swathes along or across the vessel axis, thus providing total three-dimensional coverage of the water column, a bathymetric profile of the seabed and identification of sediment type.

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