Whether as a VSAT backup solution or for your main communications, SIRM UK can provide a variety of L-Band solutions.

Offering Iridium global constellation to provide pole-to-pole coverage, Inmarsat FleetBroadband, or Thuraya equipment, SIRM UK can provide competitive pricing for your needs.

L-Band technology is less susceptible to interruptions and provides a reliable connection, which is why it is commonly used in fleet management and asset tracking.

As a partner of Inmarsat solutions, SIRM is also able to provide L-Band for both GMDSS requirements and accounting authority services.

Simple to implement and affordable, L-Band satellite solutions are a desirable choice for many marine vessels.

benefits of our l-band solutions

Pole-to-pole global coverage options

Small physical footprint

GMDSS compliant solutions available

Less susceptible to interference

Low latency

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