Living in offshore accommodation can be very challenging and SIRM is proud to support those hard-working crews offshore.

SIRM’s services cover marine communication, safety, welfare and security. Our highly qualified engineers not only bolster your day-to-day essential functioning but also provide and maintain entertainment systems.

Working with leading global manufacturers, SIRM design, install and maintain bespoke entertainment solutions for offshore accommodation. We know how to overcome the challenges of optimising system performance out at sea. In addition, our long-range 4G and satellite communication solutions can help you keep connected whilst living in offshore accommodation. 

In terms of security, we use the latest technologies, such as IP camera systems and biometric door access, and then integrate them with onboard systems to give robust versatility. These systems are designed to perform flawlessly and continuously in the harshest environments.

Moreover, as we specialise in such a broad range of services, SIRM is a popular choice for both supply and maintenance of all offshore accommodation equipment and solutions. In addition, with a strong reputation as responsive and reliable, our team is on hand to support you wherever you are in the world.



When your employees are living offshore, it's important you put their safety first. Our range of safety solutions ensure both your ship and staff are protected.


We offer IPTV long-range 4G and satellite communication solutions to keep employees in contact with their family and what's going on in the world while away from home.


We can provide a whole host of security solutions to your accommodation ships, including connected security cameras, access systems and more.

our iptv solutions

Our all-in-one IPTV solution will provide state-of-the-art media services for crew welfare. Powered by our partnership with SnapTV, SIRM UK can offer full design and install services for small to large accommodation vessels. 

our accommodation solutions