A VSAT satellite system has the ability to enhance your communications offering you broadband solutions with global coverage. Due to our partnerships with leading operators, our VSAT connectivity solutions provide speed and reliability at competitive costs.

From advising you on the best solution for your requirements, SIRM offers support for design, hardware, installation and post-sales support.

Our VSAT satellite system solutions are able to provide global coverage, maximum network availability, reliable voice services, high data speed and easy integration with ground systems. Combined with a wide range of value-added cloud services, we ensure operational efficiency and internet access service for the crew and passengers.

VSAT SIRM solutions can be offered with regional coverage (in KU or KA bands) or global coverage (in KU bands), whether for a deep sea ship or a small fishing vessel.

benefits of our VSAT satellite system solutions

Installation and configuration with a team of qualified engineers

Selection of the best partners able to ensure the availability of a robust and reliable network

Customer Services around the clock through the Network Operation Center and worldwide support

Clear and transparent integrated billing service

On-board IT management and ready-to-use cloud solutions

Cybersecurity Management

Backup options for the main communication channel

Sale or rental of communication equipment including VSAT antennas, Modem IDirect X5/X7

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