A ship’s cyber security is key to the whole business’ operations. Should any part of your fleet be affected by a cyber attack, it could have detrimental effects on the entire business.

SIRM UK offers the FLEETPROTECT solution as part of its full marine cyber security offering, which ensures your vessel is always protected from cyber attacks.

Our security experts will help identify vulnerabilities and develop management policies. We can also provide systems penetration tests, strategies to intervene and repair damage to offer a complete solution to protect your fleet of vessels.

FLEETPROTECT is an on-board network protection device and service, able to overcome the limits of traditional antivirus and to have complete visibility on what happens on each on-board PC, managing access and operation rules.

what our cyber solutions include

Asset Management & Network Control

Block applications, terminals and websites

Network monitoring and Network Attack Prevention

Botnet and Ransomware protection

Updating applications on devices

Ground management with web portal and advanced reporting

Our other Marine Cyber Security Solutions

Our IDM suite blocks and reports interference and attacks on the GPS system. Anti-Jam Antenna eliminates low elevation signals to prevent GPS Spoofing.