Science Vessels

In our ever-changing world, science and research are essential to protecting our oceans. With such a vital role to play it is of utmost importance that they are supported by the very best equipment, technical solutions and innovative technology to keep research vessels safe and fully operational.

SIRM provides a comprehensive range of exceptional communication, navigation, safety and security solutions. Working with the world’s best manufacturers and with our team of expert engineers, we are able to service the marine science sector with cutting edge technology that can be relied upon.

In addition, there are many other systems including bottom mapping, sonar and echo sounders which may be used to support your research. These can be integrated with your main consoles.

SIRM is able to provide training to your crew in how to use and maintain supplied equipment. We also have rental maintenance packages and after-sales support available 24 hours a day, wherever you are in the world.

Our longevity in the marine technology sector is a testament to our in-depth knowledge, high-quality service and commitment to research and development. Hence, we are able to provide expert advice, keep you at the cutting edge of technology and offer affordable solutions to your marine technology needs.

A partnership with SIRM allows you to carry out your vital work, knowing that your research vessel’s technology is reliable and fully supported.


cutting edge technology

We offer the cutting edge technologies you need to kee your science vessel on the water, completing time-critical operations

large partner network

We are partners with the most respected equipment and service providers in the maritime industry, including JRC for navigation, Seapix and Olex for bottom mapping and all leading airtime providers.

premium service

We offer a premium service, for pre-sales to after-sales, ensuring the smoothest job for install, maintenance and service.

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