Sat Comms

Since the very inception of radio, SIRM has been at the forefront of boat communications systems. We have excellent relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers and offer a wide portfolio of satellite solutions including VSAT, FleetBroadband, Inmarsat Fleet Xpress, Thuraya, Iridium Pilot and Certus, to support all onboard communications.

Flawless communication is essential to all vessels out at sea, from small fishing boats to cruise liners. The reliability of your satellite communication system is important for safety and security. As well as allowing for services such as broadband and entertainment systems when offshore.

SIRM invests in the most advanced technological solutions, therefore, ensuring the solutions we provide to our customers are the most innovative, robust and reliable.

Based on the specific communication needs of the customers, our experts are able to identify the best solution and related value-added services. 

SIRM knows how important it is for many of our clients to be out at sea for the maximum amount of time, and so our marine communication solutions are professionally implemented with minimum disruption to your operations.

SIRM is able to offer unrivalled after-sales support, as well as value-added solutions to keep your boat communication systems fully operational and secure.

benefits of sat comms solutions

We’re an independent supplier of airtime solutions

We will only propose the right solution to meet your bandwidth requirements

We are able to support, maintain and provide full go-live service options, combined with airtime solutions

As an accounting authority and point of service activation (PSA) supplier, we can activate terminals for over 100 countries and act as an accounting authority for over 60 flags. We are an accounting authority partner for more than 1500 Inmarsat C terminals, many of which will be used for GMDSS.

our sat comms partners